SPT – Sales Teasers

A series of promotional spots that reflect the values of Sony Pictures Television’s Sales Department, enhancing the flexibility, customization and creativity they offer to customers who advertise on its network’s channels.


SONY PICTURES TELEVISION Brand Partnership & Innovations
Creative Manager // Laura Armas
Art Director // Andrea García


Direction & Production  // 
Creative Director // Luis Montenegro Lafont
Executive Producer // Caroline Heredia
Cinematography // Luis Montenegro Lafont
Production Assistant // Ana Reyes
StopMotion Animation // Victoria Fernández, Luis Montenegro Lafont
Play-Doh Modeling // Ghonso, Victoria Fernández
Post-Production & Color Grading // 2382

Thanks to // Arq. Cuartoymitad
Camera “Making-of” // Clara The Dog
Editing “Making-of” // Erika Silvestri