Manual para aderezar el mundo

Manual para aderezar el mundo

Recetario para fiestas y celebraciones


I was commissioned to illustrate the 2017 Christmas Book for Ayuntamiento de Madrid.
This edition was dedicated to world festive gastronomy – Manual para aderezar el mundo. Recetario para fiestas y celebraciones
featuring over 60 international traditional winter/christmas recipes.

Direction: Vanesa Viloria
Editor: Manu Guedán – Editorial Aluvión
Texts: Bárbara Mingo
Design: Chano del Río
Illustrations: Victoria Fernández

Illustrated Dividers

These illustrations are a mix of symbols, traditions, places and characters from the different countries featured in the book. All the subjects are related to christmas or special celebrations from each culture.

Recipes Illustration

Each recipe had a different illustration, some were infographics, others ingredients lists, in some case we focused on cooking techniques, some were abstractions and my favourites served dishes.